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Price for bulk SMS in Chile

AlphaSMS sends SMS all over the world, to more than 1100 operators and 200 countries.

The use of SMS messaging for promotional purposes and as a way to inform about transactions has proven to be an effective tool for attracting and retaining customers.

Bulk SMS prices for all mobile operators in Chile

We support SMS messaging to all mobile operators in Chile. If you could not find the price of SMS to a specific mobile operator in Chile, please contact our support team to find out about the possibility of sending SMS to this operator.

Before you start sending SMS, you can test them in our service.

Price per HLR request. To find out the sms price contact us in chat.

Check out the prices for sending SMS to Chile:

MCCMNC Operator Price
73000 TESAM SA 0.0078USD
73001 Entel 0.0078USD
73002 Movistar 0.0078USD
73003 Claro 0.0078USD
73004 WOM S.A. 0.0078USD
73005 Nextel SA 0.0078USD
73006 Telefonica del Sur (Movistar MVNO) 0.0078USD
73007 Mundo Pacifico (Movistar MVNO) 0.0078USD
73008 VTR 0.0078USD
73009 Wom 0.0078USD
73010 Entel Telefonia 0.0078USD
73011 Celupago-CHL 0.0078USD
73012 Telestar Móvil S.A. (Entel MVNO) 0.0078USD
73013 Virgin Mobile - Tribe 0.0078USD
73014 Netline Telefonica Movil (Movistar MVNO) 0.0078USD
73015 Cibeles Telecom-CHL 0.0078USD
73016 Nomade Telecomunicaciones S.A. (MVNO) 0.0078USD
73017 COMPATEL Chile Limitada 0.0078USD
73018 Empresas Bunker S.A. 0.0078USD
73019 Movil Falabella-CHL 0.0078USD
73020 Inversiones Santa Fe Limitada 0.0078USD
73022 Cellplus SpA 0.0078USD
73023 Claro Empresas 0.0078USD
73027 Cibeles 0.0078USD
73098 Virgin Mobile(tribe) 98 0.0078USD
730072 Simple Spa (Movistar MVNO) 0.0078USD


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Mobile usage in Chile per 100 inhabitants as of 2020

As of 2020, more than 19116209 people live in Chile.

The growth dynamics of mobile usage in Chile indicates ample opportunity for SMS marketing. The audience is constantly growing and bulk SMS messaging works effectively to retain and attract new customers.

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