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SMS mailings for your business

AlphaSMS is a leading company in the International market of SMS services for corporate and private clients.

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15 years

In the mobile marketing market


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1 million

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Convenient personal account




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Best prices

Flexible pricing for different business areas


Fast Send Speed

Bandwidth of channels over 1000 sms per second


2-way SMS

Chats and two-way communication with the client



Quick solution of all problems by phone, chat, email


User-friendly interface

Messaging via web interface, program or mobile application


Ready modules for CRM and CMS

Integrations with over 50 leading CRM systems


Full automation of messaging

Set up groups, sender IDs and API connection


Protection of your data

Data is transmitted using an encrypted protocol

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We provide comprehensive solutions for different programming languages to integrate our modules into your projects

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"auth": "abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789",
 "data": [
   "type": "sms",
   "id": 100501,
   "phone": 380971234567,
   "sms_signature": "SMSTest",
   "sms_message": "Text of the message to send via SMS"


"auth": "abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789",
 "data": [
  "type": "viber+sms",
  "id": 100502,
  "phone": 380971234568,
  "sms_signature": "SMSTest",
  "sms_message": "Text of the message to send via SMS",
  "viber_type": "text+image+link",
  "viber_message": "Text of the message to send via Viber"

Our sending methods

What is SMS messaging for?

Bulk SMS Service: sending SMS worldwide

AlfaSMS is a market leader in international SMS messaging. Our company provides mobile marketing and non-voice informing services, we introduce mobile technologies into the development of your business. 

Advantages of SMS messaging

Our company focuses on the needs of customers and this is the key to fruitful cooperation. We offer:

1. The most effective bulk SMS.
     * SMS sending with high speed, receiving a detailed report, delivery within a day.
     * Dynamic sender name is created
     * Ability to send SMS-informing, SMS-notifications and international messages.
2. SMS service based on ready-made solutions.
     * Necessary for large organisations and enterprises: financial institutions, banks, pawnshops, shopping malls, transport and travel companies, beauty salons, leisure and much more.
3. Modern SMS platform.
     * Development of leading professionals, which takes into account many years of experience in this field, the latest trends in the development of mobile marketing, as well as the wishes and requirements of our customers
4. A profitable cooperation system for resellers, aggregators and dealers.
     * Possibility of integration with your website.
     * Special conditions for profitable and effective collaboration.
     * Flexible pricing and discount policy to reduce costs.
     * Obtaining ready-made solutions.
     * Individual approach to each client.
SMS services of our company harmoniously combine economy and high return. They have become an ideal method to attract customers and help your business flourish.

Bulk SMS as a form of advertising


Today, advertising has a significant impact and is the most powerful engine in the business market. Signboards with advertisements can not reach every person. For such purposes, new strategies with productive methods for promoting services, goods and offers will be needed. SMS messaging services are very popular, the main advantage of which is a direct hit to the subscriber, low cost and ease of use.

The following SMS services are in the greatest demand: notifications, marketing, congratulations, sms advertising.

SMS marketing has received active development all over the world. This area has begun to develop widely. One of its stages of development was mass sms messaging, which has proven itself in practice. This is a great potential for productive advertising.

By sending SMS you can:

* reach a wide audience, among various social strata of the population within the country and abroad;

* Attract new and retain existing potential customers.

Our company provides highly professional services for SMS informing and mobile marketing.

Thanks to our rich experience, our company has developed a platform for sending SMS that meets all modern requirements and customer requests. A large-scale advertising company requires a lot of money to be invested, but it does not always justify itself. Efficiency, at a relatively low cost, is guaranteed by bulk SMS messages. This type of advertising is very effective, and in some cases is much more effective than other traditional methods.

A professionally thought-out messaging can interest a potential buyer, who will subsequently choose your products or services. According to statistics, advertising messages are read by 90% of subscribers within a few minutes after the message is delivered.

SMS messaging services

Services of our company:

1. Unique telecom platform for sending SMS.

2. SMS gateway, access to which allows you to independently organize SMS marketing and SMS messaging.

3. Possibility of personalized messaging.

4. High speed of advertising distribution.

5. Ready-made SMS service for various businesses (banks, insurance companies, tourism, retail chains, restaurants, transport, beauty salons, etc.).

6. Profitable conditions for resellers and dealers, balanced tariff solutions.

7. Possibility to integrate SMS service with your site.

SMS Gateway will be needed by such businesses as:

1. Internet projects - spam protection during registration and various other user actions.

2. Trading networks and online stores - for notifications about the arrival of a new product, discounts, bonuses.

3. Banks - notification of movement on card accounts and deposits, repayment of loans.

4. Internet providers, utilities, pawnshops, insurance companies - for reminders of the payment deadline.

5. Clubs, restaurants, entertainment establishments - about holding holidays, events, discounts and events.

Sending messages through gateways has many advantages, and our telecom platform will help you:

* track statistics and statuses of sent messages;

* work directly with operators from different countries;

* get increased protection of the database of all clients;

* have constant technical support at any time of the day, seven days a week.

Sending messages is an effective tool in promoting any product or service.

SMS messaging as a form of advertising


The technical possibilities of using SMS messaging are obvious - security, information, communication. However, SMS mailing is no less popular as a type of advertising, which was able to develop into a full-fledged industry thanks to AlphaSMS SMS gateways. SMS turned out to be an effective tool for attracting customers because they allow:

* Immediately deliver an offer to a specific person/target group;

* Reach the widest possible audience (more than social networks);

* Include promotional codes, links and other useful information in the text;

* Individualize the advertising campaign and fine-tune it.

Therefore, if someone asks what type of advertising is SMS messaging, you can definitely answer - targeted advertising. Only messaging will cost less than showing ads to the same number of users, for example, in Google Ads. In addition, unlike billboards, flyers, banners on websites and announcements, while watching a movie, SMS is not perceived by the reader as intrusive advertising, which increases the audience's trust and the overall effectiveness of promotion through this channel. Using our interface, you can set up a mailing list no worse than in a search engine advertising service - you can form target groups by region, age, interests, and write an effective offer for each. Send SMS to:

* Attract attention;

* Inform;

* Ask;

* Suggest;

* Congratulate;

* Keep constant contact with the customer!

With AlphaSMS, SMS sending as a marketing tool will reach a qualitatively new level, while maintaining the simplicity and accessibility of the good old “SMS”.

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