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AlfaSMS is one of the largest providers of SMS traffic in the world. The company offers favorable conditions for resellers in any region.

In order to become an AlphaSMS dealer, you need to contact us: by one of the company's phones or by e-mail. Our specialists will demonstrate the system to you, provide you with all the necessary materials, and discuss possible terms of cooperation.

We guarantee our dealers to keep the dealer discount secret. Right now you can familiarize yourself with the general provisions on working with dealers.

Become a partner


  1. 1
    The percentage of the provided discount for SMS traffic depends on the total monthly volume of mailings. There is a minimum monthly purchase amount (10,000 SMS), which is required to start cooperation.
  2. 2
    Our specialists provide training and consultations at all stages of cooperation.
  3. 3
    The dealer is provided with a ready-made technical solution for mobile marketing.
  4. 4
    We guarantee a simple and transparent settlement system.
  5. 5
    Dealer is provided with appropriate information support:
    • the dealer is promptly informed about the nearest plans of the company, about changes and innovations in the system, future advertising and marketing events, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, etc .;
    • the dealer is promptly informed about changes in the company's pricing policy;
    • the dealer's coordinates are posted on the company's website, promotional materials of an all-Ukrainian nature, and are included in the mailing list.

The advantages that our SMS service guarantees you:

Sending speed - more than 2000 SMS per minute
Both single and batch sending is possible
Dynamic Sender ID, generating a list of Sender IDs (alphaname)
Guaranteed delivery of SMS to the subscriber within 24 hours, wherever he is, for example, in roaming (subject to the availability of the subscriber in the operator's network)
Ready APIs for integration with your system
Detailed reports on the delivery of messages by mailing list or for a certain period of time
Ability to send SMS messages from the client via the HTTPS protocol. The data received from you is never transferred to third parties and is not used by us for any other purposes.
We work with several SMS channels, it allows us to promptly redirect messages if there are problems on one of the SMS channels
Possibility of SMS sending using our segmented phone base
No subscription fees and incorporation fees
Ability to create personalized messages
Ability to send long messages
Ability to set the date and time of the mailing
Ability to send messages both in Latin and Cyrillic
Simplicity of SMS sending settings. No purchase of any additional equipment is required - all transactions are made via the Internet
Flash-sms (the message text appears immediately on the phone screen)
We can not only send SMS, but also receive them
Flexible system of mutual settlements and discounts
Ready-made solutions for various business areas