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Authorization / Verification by call

It is used as the second authentication factor - to confirm the entrance to the personal account, register on the website or mobile application, carry out financial transactions using a short call to the user's mobile phone.

An alternative, convenient, secure and inexpensive way to protect against unauthorized access.


Call verification is convenient!

Free system test!
  • wallet
    Many times cheaper than SMS
  • rocket 2
    instant delivery versus SMS
  • thumbs up
    no long authorization codes
  • shield check
    impossible to intercept, call only to the user's number

Benefits of Call Verification Compared to SMS

Free system test!
SMS Verifications
  • From 0.47 USD per SMS
  • SMS delivery takes time
  • You need to enter authorization codes
  • SMS interception is possible
Verification by call
  • From 0.10 USD per call
  • Fast (instant delivery)
  • Simple (no long authorization codes)
  • Safe (impossible to intercept, call only to the user number)

Call authentication is used in almost all areas of business


The use of on-call authentication is not limited to the above examples. Our company implements verification by a call according to your needs.

Protecting registration on the site from spam attacks and auto-registration programs
Identifying the user's phone number when using public Wi-Fi networks
Confirming remittances in the financial sector
Two-factor protection when authorizing from a new or unreliable site or equipment
Confirmation of registration of a loyalty card and bonus write-off when paying for a purchase
Confirmation of significant actions (recovery or change of password, email address, etc.)
Verification of the customer's phone when placing an order in the online store
Verification of participants in Internet polls and votes for the reliability of the results obtained
Elimination of duplicates and multi-registrations (one phone number - one account)

The cost of the service from 0.13 USD per call without VAT

User spends up to 10 seconds for authorization

Number of requests per month
  • 1 - 50 000
  • 50 000 - 100 000
  • more 100 001
  • from 500 000
Authorization cost, USD
  • 0,30
  • 0,20
  • 0,17
  • by appointment

Brief statistics of one of our clients

Average number of registrations on the site per month ~ 30 000

Call verification costs
3 000 USD
SMS verification costs
10 500 USD
Saving more than 70%

How it works

solution API
Flexible settings for the interaction of your web resource with our service
Widget vidget
Solution widget
The widget will do everything for you! Easy integration into your web form without the need for programmers
  • How it works with IVR menu
  • How does it work with Flash Call

How it works with IVR menu

Step 1

User enters their phone number on your website or mobile app

Step 2

The system generates a call. APi data is sent to AlphaSMS for calling

Step 3

Proof of authorization. The system calls the user number and the user confirms authorization by pressing, for example, key 1

Step 4

Authentication successful. AlphaSMS service returns information to your site or application - user is authorized

Interaction example


How it works with Flash Call

Step 1

The user indicates his phone number in the authorization interface

Step 2

The system generates a call. User receives an incoming call

Step 3

Proof of authorization. The interface requires you to enter a password, which is the last 4-6 digits of the incoming call number

Step 4

Authorization successful. User enters password in the interface - authorization is successful

Interaction example

Step 1

Log in to your personal account

Step 2

Receive an incoming call

Step 3

Enter the last 4 digits of your phone number in the authorization field


Benefits of working with us

  • code
    Simple and convenient API
  • thumbs up
    Reliable infrastructure
  • wallet
    Flexible rates depending on volume
  • check circle
    High quality communication
  • phone
    Qualified support 24/7
  • calendar dates
    15 years of experience in telecommunications
  • emotion smile
    Thousands of satisfied customers

Benefits of working with us

When registering, we give test calls

Verify the quality of the robot's auto-dialing without topping up your account

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