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AlphaSMS voice mailing service

Costs several times cheaper than call center operator.
The voice robot will call 1000 customers in a couple of minutes.

Create a voice mailing list for free

For any calls

Costs several times cheaper than call center operator. The voice robot will call 1000 customers in a couple of minutes.

For any calls

Costs several times cheaper than call center operator. The voice robot will call 1000 customers in a couple of minutes.


Authorization/Verification by call

Confirm your identity with a simple call when logging in or entering your personal account

  • User enters their phone number in a form on a website or app
  • The system dials the indicated number
  • The subscriber confirms authorization by pressing a number during a call

Cold Sales

Make cold auto-calls and get warm customers

  • The bot represents a product or service
  • Detects interested persons
  • Transfer the call to the manager or send SMS


Conduct surveys without a call center and manager

  • The bot polls the participants
  • Analyzes responses
  • Provides statistics


Inform about promotions, news and order delivery automatically

  • Autoinformer informs about the event: delivery of an order, promotion, beginning of a webinar
  • The client takes an action

We will configure everything by ourselves

You just have to make a profit. Just describe your task and our specialists will offer you the most effective script. Find out the cost of the solution right now.

Do it all for me

How the service works


Create a Voicemail Script


We voice the text


Call on the list of phone numbers


Collect and Analyze Answers


According to the algorithm, we connect with the manager or send SMS

Choose your business area

and learn how to use AlphaSMS voice mailings in it

  • Medicine
  • Insurance company
  • Conducting webinars
  • Financial services

And many others!


Our client's results

14 128

Calls made

13 700 UAH

Calling costs

0 сек

Waiting time on the line

278 000 UAH

Increase in revenue

Insurance company

Our client's results

17 333

Calls made

19 776 UAH

Calls made

0 сек

Waiting time on the line

676 000 UAH

Increase in revenue

Conducting webinars

Our client's results

147 678

Calls made

28 77 UAH

Calls made

0 сек

Waiting time on the line

589 000 UAH

Increase in revenue

Financial services

Our client's results

14 128

Calls made

13 866 UAH

Calls made

0 сек

Waiting time on the line

375 000 UAH

Increase in revenue




Average cost of 1 auto call - 0,20 uah

Save on the call center and get hot leads at the lowest cost


Personalization and Available Statistics

Create your own scripts using the IVR menu, automatically receive data and reports from the service in a format convenient for you


Unique dialing and answering system

Make over 1000 calls per minute


Instant lead generation in 3 minutes

Get hot leads almost instantly after a call.


Process Automation

Integration with any CRM system via API


Targeted voice mailings on databases

Send to our databases with extensive segmentation and targeting capabilities

Open API Integration

Connect a phone bot to your system and AlphaSMS will be able to solve complex problems


Will call the client when his card gets into CRM at a certain stage of the transaction


Will verify the number with the contact base and address by name


Will call as soon as the order arrives at the pick-up point


Will check and tell you about the opening hours of the store, whether the goods are in stock and what promotions are taking place

The first 20 calls are at our expense

We give free auto-calls after registration.
Test sending voice messages without spending a dime

Try it for free

Average cost of an auto call - 0.20 ₴

Calculate how much you will save on the call center

Your manager's monthly salary 13 800 ₴
5 000 ₴ 45 000 ₴
How many calls he makes per day 120
0 calls 200 calls


Calls will be made by the manager

2 520

Time spent

1 month

Manager salary

13 800 ₴

AlphaSMS bot

Calls will be made by AlphaSMS bot

2 520

Time spent

1 month

Cost of calls of AlphaSMS

504 ₴ Order a consultation

Do you have any questions? Call us!

+1(585) 213-5859

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an auto-call with AlphaSMS bot cost?

Answer: The cost of a voice message is calculated per second and depends on the volume. For an individual calculation, please contact support.

Can the auto-call service sound my text?

Answer: The preconfigured system sounds the text automatically. But it is also possible to record live voice in the studio.

How long does it take to setup and launch voice mailing?

Answer: A simple text voiceover by a robot is ready to use. After registration, contact the support department to enable voice mailing and choose a tariff. The speed of developing an individual technical specification depends on its complexity. Please contact support for details.

How to order a recording of a voice message?

Answer: For recording, we need to provide the text that needs to be voiced. Describe in detail the wishes for the recording: a slow and calm voice or an energetic and incendiary one.

I don't have my own list of contacts, how can I use voice mailing?

Answer: We are ready to offer a competent selection of a database of contacts to which we will automatically call with your text. Describe the field of activity and geolocation for the selection of the target audience.

Can the robot send SMS?

Answer: Yes, we can set up sending an SMS when a subscriber answers in a certain way or redirect him to a manager.

Our cases

Calculate how much you will save on the call center

Real estate agency

Alert about individual offers

Database updating

Property Viewing Invitation

Automation of routine processes

Download PDF case

Financial institutions

Customer notification of debts

Quick sorting of warm leads for further sales

Credit balance reminder

Informing borrowers about the timing and terms of payments

Download PDF case

Trainings and webinars

Invitation to training and sending SMS with details

Reminder about the start of the webinar

Sorting the list of customers by interests

Calling those who missed and sending the link to the recording

Download PDF case

Medical centers and labs

Reminder of the appointment and confirmation of arrival

Collecting feedback and service quality

Informing about the readiness of tests

Home visit notice

Download PDF case

When registering, we give test calls

Verify the quality of the robot's auto-dialing without topping up your account

Try it for free