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Send messages through the Viber application worldwide

Engage users in communication with the brand, make the buying process fun!



Self-service capabilities through chatbots and automate communication!


Messages up to 1000 characters
Feel free to skip commas
Add images
Images up to 500 kb and 1000 x 1000 px
Buttons and UTM tags
Track click-through marketing metrics
Add emoji
It's not just dry text anymore
Posts up to 1000 characters
Feel free to skip commas

Share files, photos and videos

Exchange files of various formats: invoices, prices, tickets, certificates, study materials. Send and receive photos and videos from customers: photos of products, images accompanying company calls, screenshots.


Pinned Post & Personalized Replies

Posibility to pin the selected message or thread to the top of the business chat: flight details, tickets, delivery status. Reply to users on a specific message in a business chat, this allows both parties to better maintain and follow the conversation.


Automatic Replies

Set up auto-replies on your Viber business page if you are not ready to interact with the subscriber.


Why do businesses use Viber 2way?

Viber Message Calculator

  • Technical
  • Promotional
Number of messages
1 1 000 000
Per 1 message*
Total cost**
Number of messages
1 1 000 000
Per 1 message*
Total cost**

*Price per message depends on traffic volumes

**Minimum monthly payment - *



Automate business mailings and communication with customers by integrating Viber into your CRM system

Business software, modular ERP system. Business solutions based on the Odoo ERP system.
Cloud transport management system. Automatic planning of urban delivery routes.
Software capable of handling complex and routine operations on its own without additional human assistance.
A universal program for accounting for goods for several companies and warehouses. Allows you to maintain an archive of all possible invoices, invoices.


How to make bulk messaging via Viber?
Answer: Register, sign the agreement with us, upload your customers' contacts, create the message and start messaging. Messages will be sent within few minutes.
How much does it cost?
Answer: You can find out the cost by calling 0 800 307 444 or by contacting support service.
How to prepare an image?
Answer: You can create an image in any editor, as long as it’s equal in height and width. If you can’t create a banner by yourself, you can always contact us for an additional service to create a banner for your message.
What kind of Viber advertising is prohibited?
Answer: First of all, your messages musn`t contradict the laws of the country. Topics which are prohibited include: politics, microfinance, credit, pawnshops, tobacco, alcohol, weapon, drugs, adult content, gambling, online and offline casinos, trading, lottery, bitcoin, binary options and forex companies religious themes, spiritual practices (reading Tarot, astrological maps).
Which devices will the messages be delivered to?
Answer: Any device on Android or iOS
What is the channel for sending messages?
Answer: We work only with the official channel.
With which sender's signature can I send messages?
Answer: The sender's signature can be in Latin or Cyrillic, up to 30 characters.