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About AlphaSMS

- a leading company in the international market of SMS services for corporate and private customers. Our company is engaged in the development of telecommunication solutions for business, which allow in a short period of time with low costs to reach new heights in business management, outstripping their competitors.

Our clients: retail chains, online stores, educational institutions, advertising companies, restaurants and bars, consumer goods manufacturers, sports organizations, beauty salons, etc.

Our opportunities

We use direct connections to international GSM operators, international SMS gateways, ensuring the delivery of messages to mobile network subscribers around the world. We have our own hardware and software systems that work to receive and send SMS messages.

We send and receive SMS messages all over the world. At the moment, our capabilities allow us to send more than a million messages per day at high speed with guaranteed reliability.


The messaging service developed by the company's specialists allows you to create quickly and easily an unlimited number of recipient lists, carry out personal or bulk SMS, set a dynamic sender id, with the ability to use numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet.

Also, carry out sms mailing on a schedule, receive detailed reports on the completed SMS mailing and financial flow. Thanks to the intuitive web interface, the client can instantly connect to the service and start sending SMS, receiving instant results.

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Also, our company is engaged in the development and integration of communication solutions depending on the needs of the client.
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For work, we provide a convenient web interface, https connection, through our own software and other options.
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specialists of our company provide support and consultancy at all stages of project implementation and development.
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Our company offers various options for cooperation with a franchisee partner (using turnkey solutions), and independently, using our channels.
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Our company guarantees the confidentiality of customer databases and information. We guarantee the reliability and stability of the service.