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Price for bulk SMS in Netherlands

AlphaSMS sends SMS all over the world, to more than 1100 operators and 200 countries.

The use of SMS messaging for promotional purposes and as a way to inform about transactions has proven to be an effective tool for attracting and retaining customers.

Bulk SMS prices for all mobile operators in Netherlands

We support SMS messaging to all mobile operators in Netherlands. If you could not find the price of SMS to a specific mobile operator in Netherlands, please contact our support team to find out about the possibility of sending SMS to this operator.

Before you start sending SMS, you can test them in our service.

Price per HLR request. To find out the sms price contact us in chat.

Check out the prices for sending SMS to Netherlands:

MCCMNC Operator Price
204 Netherlands-Others 0.005USD
20400 PCS 0.005USD
20401 RadioAccess 0.005USD
20402 Tele2 mobiel 0.005USD
20403 Voiceworks 0.005USD
20404 Vodafone 0.005USD
20405 Elephant Talk Comm. Premium Rate Serv. Neth. B.V. 0.005USD
20406 Barablu Mobile Benelux Ltd. 0.005USD
20407 Teleena Holding B.V. 0.005USD
20408 Kpn 0.005USD
20409 Lycamobile 0.005USD
20410 KPN B.V. 0.005USD
20411 Netherlands TBD1 0.005USD
20412 Telfort B.V. 0.005USD
20413 Unica Installatietechniek B.V. 0.005USD
20414 INMO B.V. 0.005USD
20415 T-Mobile Netherlands B.V. 0.005USD
20416 T-mobile 0.005USD
20417 Glotell B.V. 0.005USD
20418 UPC 0.005USD
20419 Mixe Communication Solutions B.V. 0.005USD
20420 Orange 0.005USD
20421 ProRail B.V. 0.005USD
20422 Ministerie van Defensie 0.005USD
20423 ASPIDER Solutions-NLD 0.005USD
20424 Private Mobility-NLD 0.005USD
20425 CapX B.V. 0.005USD
20426 SpeakUp B.V. 0.005USD
20427 L-Mobi Mobile 0.005USD
20428 Lancelot 0.005USD
20429 Tismi BV (MVNO) 0.005USD
20430 Aspider 0.005USD
20431 Vectone mobile 0.005USD
20433 Truphone Ltd 0.005USD
20454 Teleena (Tata) 0.005USD
20460 KPN (Ibasis) 0.005USD
20461 BodyTrace Netherlands 0.005USD
20462 RGTN 0.005USD
20465 Mobileum (AGMS) 0.005USD
20467 Koning en Hartman B.V. 0.005USD
20468 Unify Mobile-NLD 0.005USD
20469 KPN B.V. 0.005USD
20470 KPN B.V. 0.005USD
20499 iBasis Inc 0.005USD


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Mobile usage in Netherlands per 100 inhabitants as of 2020

As of 2020, more than 17441500 people live in Netherlands.

The growth dynamics of mobile usage in Netherlands indicates ample opportunity for SMS marketing. The audience is constantly growing and bulk SMS messaging works effectively to retain and attract new customers.

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